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Volleyball Medal Standings:

Tier One:
Gold - Exmen (Columbia)
Silver - Duc (Georgia)
Bronze - Cheese and Rice (Ontario)
4th place - Balls Deep (Alberta)
5th place - High Class (New York)
6th place - Cheery Ho’s (Ontario)

Tier Two:
Gold - El Toro (Ontario)
Silver - Hello Boto (Van, Seattle, Denver)
Bronze - Hello Ferocia (Ontario)

Monday, July 25th - Wednesday, July 27th

Two 3 Day events, each comprised of two waves. (Waves will be determined closer to scheduled start date).
International Pool Bracketing Format:

  • Day 1 – Pool Play

  • Day 2-  Power Pools

  • Day 3- Playoffs

  • Guarantee of 6 games

July 25/26/27  
AM or PM waves will be determined closer to the event start (approximate wave times 9:00am -3:00pm)

  • Day 1 and 2 self ref.  Day 3 officials provided. 

  • Pool Play Monday, Power Pools Tuesday and Single Elimination Playoffs on Wednesday.  Guarantee of 6 games. 

Division 3 Men’s (BB)
Division 4 Men’s (Bl)

Division 1 Men’s (A)
Division 2 Men’s (AA)
Division 1 Women’s (A)
Division 2 Women’s (AA)



Harry Jerome Sports Centre 
7564 Barnett Highway, 


Registration Fees:

Registration on or before June 24th, 2011

$300/team + 12% HST

Late registration available until July 8th at an additional $50. 

Registration is a two (2) step process.
Step One is to register for the Outgames where you will be asked what sports you will be participating in, and if you are attending the Conference. Once your payment of the Outgames fee has been verified and processed you will receive an e-mail containing information and registration links on the individual sport(s) and/or conference.

To register please click on the REGISTRATION TAB or click here.

Entry Deadline: Monday July 11th, 2011

Rules & Regulations:

We will be following the official rules of the Volleyball Canada - www.volleyball.ca/content/rulesplaying-surface-indoor

House Rules:

  • Division of players with regard to skills.  Done into NAGVA categories (ie. “B”, “BB”, “A” or “AA” players) ; however, 2 players may play down a division providing that the remainder of the team falls within the appropriate category. 

  • Referees- teams to provide referees during Pool Play / Power Pools; the tournament hosts will provide referees during Playoffs.

  • Items of question will be up to the Tournament Directors discretion to decide.


Contact Us:

Sport Related Inquiries:
Nicole Sirockman 

Registration & Accommodation Inquiries:
Vanessa Idler