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Monday, July 25th, 2011 8AM-12PM
Novice & Intermediate

“Whistler Outgames Eco-Challenge 2011”
First designed as a TV show in the 1990’s, Eco-Challenge has now been widely use to describe an event where participants are racing through check points that test them physically and mentally. The “WEC 2011” is a multi-sport event design for The North America Outgames 2011. The Event will take place around Lost Lake Park in Whistler, BC. The lake and park trails comprising the Whistler Outgames Eco- Challenge 2011 courses. In teams of two the participants will race around lost lake and complete a series of task-control points and will be judged on the accuracy of information gathered, number of check points completed and speed. The activities include: hiking, swimming, rappelling, tyrolean rope traverse, biking and map & compass.

Novice/Intermediate (Team of 2)
  • Men Gold:  Michael Frolick & Rohan Hare [1hour, 45 min.]
  • Men Silver:  Bill Wu & Hoa Ly [1 hour, 58 min.]
  • Men Bronze:  Michael Brown & Daniel Suman [2hours, 30 min.]
  • Men 40-49 Gold:  Jag Bilkhu & Dean Nelson [2hours, 37 min.]
  • Senior Men Gold:  Greg Larocque & Terry Syvenky [3hours, 25 min.]
  • Senior Men Silver: Bruce Townsend & Gord Dunbar [3 hours, 28 min]
  • Women Gold: Karen McCormick, Elaine Colford, Diane Smith, Beth Hamilton, Alice Tejada [3 hours, 28 min.]
EcoChallenge Highlight YouTube Video

2011 Outgames EcoChallenge - Women's Gold Winners


Novice /Intermediate EcoChallenge
Lost Lake Mountain Trails
Whistler, BC

The Intermediate course will cover a distance of 10km w/ elev. gain of 1000 ft.

All Equipment needed for race is included including: Bike, Canoe, Compass

Click here for Google Map location of area


Registration Fees:


Registration is a two (2) step process
Step One is to register for the Outgames where you will be asked what sports you will be participating in, and if you are attending the Conference. Once your payment of the Outgames fee has been verified and processed you will receive an e-mail containing information and registration links on the individual sport(s) and/or conference.

To register please click on the REGISTRATION TAB or click here


Rules & Regulations:

Race Details

Timed & Accuracy Race - fastest time and accuracy in challenge per category wins

Intermediate Race Skills

Hiking/Running, Biking, Swimming, Canoeing, Zipline & Rappel, Transceiver, Oreintering, Mental Prowness


Equipment Required:

This is a mountain race, dress in layers, water proof jacket, hiking boots/mountain running shoes, sunscreen, etc.

Important Information, Please Read

The Whistler Eco-Challenge is design for all ability levels. However a good all-around fitness level is required in order for you to enjoy yourself. We recommend that you come to the event well rested and hydrated. We recommend that you dress for the outdoors: light rain jacket, t-shirt (synthetic), long sleeve (synthetic), shorts, trail running shoes, a cell phone and daypack (camelback is ok). The average temperature in Whistler in July is 22°C /
72°F. The event will take place rain or shine. Take a moment and study the Lost Lake map provided below, they are many trails and orienteering yourself within the park will considerably improve your outcome. All Participants will be asked to sign a waiver of liability before the race starts, a copy of our waiver can be requested through our offices.

Location: Lost Lake Beach

Time: 8:00am Sharp Duration: 4 hours

●    Water bottle

●    Granola Bar

●    All eco-challenge equipment

●    Helly Hansen race T-shirt

●    Suunto compass

●    Trail map

Race Management

-   The race will take place in the morning during public hours of the park and is intended to not interfere with the regular day to day operation and public use of the park. Signage with date, time and location maps of the event will be posted at all entrances of the park and other highly visible locations warning the visitor of the possible encounter with race participants. We anticipate minimizing our impact on the public by running the event during the morning hours.
-    Each team will need to have a cell phone to communicate with marshals and race volunteers in the event of an emergency or lost party.
-    All marshals and race volunteers will communicate by radios or cell phones.

-    Each control points will be roped off to keep public and participants separate. The
swimming control point will have a fenced entrance and exit on a corner of the beach.
The bike control point will have signage and race marshals at each intersections. -    The Lost Lake Park is a sensitive eco system. Therefore we ask all participants to be
vigilant and careful when it comes to trail use and racing strategies.

-    If your team, for whatever reason, has not finished by the end of the allowed time, we ask
you to stop racing and make your way back to the staging tents located on the group
event grassed area of the Lost Lake Beach.

-    Obey all signs and respect the public.

Description of Control Points (CP)

Each team will need to find the control points, perform a task and collect each Pride color to complete the Official Flag. There is no order in which teams should find the CP, but careful planning might improve the time at the finish line. It is not the fastest team that will win. Decision-making and teamwork, not physical speed, are required to excel.
-    C1 Red: Teams will swim to the floating dock to retrieve this red flag. A small area of the beach will be fenced to control participants in and out of the water. Lifeguards will be onsite to monitor water safety.
-    C2 Orange: Teams will build a floating raft with the provided materials (4X blue plastic containers 2X 4x4 wood and ropes), put on a Personal Floating Device (PFD) and paddle to the north edge of lost lake to find this flag.
-    C3 Yellow: Teams will find this Tyrolean Traverse over the Fitzsimons creek. For this event participants will be required to cross the fitzsimmons creek using a fixed tylrolean. A tyrolean traverse is a rope tied between two anchors and participants pulling hand over hand to make it across.

C4 Green: Teams have to scramble to the top and rappel down the steep cliff. This cliff is located on the Gypsy Drum trail. There will be signage warning public of the approaching event and a small area will be rope off to keep participant and public separated.
-    C5 Blue: Teams will find this check point and have to perform a compass bearing task and using a transceiver to locate the blue flag.
-    C6 Purple: Teams will have to race a bike on this designated trail. Marshals and volunteer will be positioned at start/finish of each trail crossing.


Contact Us:

Your Race Director, Guillaume is the owner of Coast Mountain Guides. He is members of the A.C.M.G. (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides) and has more than 12 years of experience in guiding and instructing in the outdoors. Surrounding himself with a team of professional and accomplished guides he is committed to insure you the best experience and make your race a fulfilling experience.

Coast Mountain Guides Box #114, Whistler, BC, Canada, V8B 0A1, Phone: 604-932-1458, Fax: 604-905-6936

Outgames Sport Related Inquiries:
Dean Nelson

Registration & Accommodation Inquiries:
Vanessa Idler


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