6K Vertical Challenge

Medal Standings:

Gold - Joanne MacNeil (Edmonton) with a time of 72 minutes

Mens 20-29:
Gold - Tin Vo (Niagra Falls) with a time of 61 minutes

Mens 30-39:
Gold - Donald Mann (Vancouver) with a time of 70 minutes
Silver - Daniel Suman (Miami, FL) with a time of 96 minutes

Mens 40-49:
Gold - Stephen Dunn (Vancouver) with a time of 68 minutes

Mens Senior:
Gold - David Smith (Osoyoos) with a time of 127 minutes

Grouse Mountain and the Vancouver 2011 Outgames have combined to provide a true west coast athletic experience for locals (in the know) and visitors yet to experience! The infamous "GROUSE GRIND" will now be part of the Vancouver 2011 Outgames sports schedule titled 6K VERTICAL CHALLENGE. Start at the foot of Grouse Mountain and race to the top of the most challenging hiking trail in the City commonly referred to as "Mother Nature's Stairmaster"! For visitors willing to take on one of the most famous "work out challenges" in town, your biggest reward will be the unparalleled view looking down over the Lower Mainland, truly one of Vancouver's most sought after vistas. This course is on many Vancouverites "bucket lists" of things to conquer in their lifetime, do YOU have what it takes to battle THE GRIND?  www.grousemountain.com/grousegrind

6K Vertical Challenge
Hosted by : Grouse Mountain
Tuesday, July 26th 9am - 11am.
Cost:  $22 + HST  Register today!
Venue: Grouse Mountain Grind Base, North Vancouver (6400 Nancy Green Way)
The Race: Total Length: 6km. Elevation Gain: Close to 2000m.
Start at the bottom of the Grouse Grind (entrance of the Grind) Up to the Peak of Grouse Mountain, Seek The Peak (legs 3 and 4) and finish line on the Grouse Mountain Plaza. 
The finish: Award ceremony on Grouse Mountain, Plaza Reception held on the Plaza.